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I started work at my new/old summer job at Radio Shack yesterday. I was a little apprehensive about going back to Radio Shack having worked there for six years before from 1995 to 2001. I was afraid I would feel like I was moving backwards a bit after being a college instructor for the past several years. But most of all I was afraid I had lost my golden sales touch. I always considered myself a good salesperson, both in my ability to meet demanding sales goals and in my ability to do so while keeping the customers’ interests at heart. But I was worried that I would not be able to jump right in to a retail environment and be able to perform like I could when I was younger In the 2018 book Why Liberalism Failed , Patrick J. (Sounds like a Viagra ad, doesn’t it?).

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The problem with having a flawless execution philosophy definition is that it often back-fires. Here’s why – When people are pushed to be perfect, they stop taking risks and start accepting mediocrity! They become afraid to push the envelope and make mistakes. After all, if they don’t perform flawlessly, they must be messing up! In essence, they become fearful.and fear takes away our winning spirit. In an age where innovation and risk taking are so critical to business growth, that type of behavior can prove fatal.

I put a lot of energy into ‘unschooling,’ and it occurred to me that unschooling often gets portrayed as not doing anything. However, the energy I put into unschooling is in the form of awareness of my children’s learning. I participate a lot, too, for the reason that I enjoy playing and learning, but the real energy is in the awareness. I love sharing in my daughters’ discoveries, and I love giving them the gift of freedom to follow their own rhythms, their own natural inclinations in every regard. I also love including them in my own inspired activities. Their interest enriches those activities for me. . . .

This is my favorite book, and my most important influence without question. It is a guidebook for writing, but it’s lessons can be applied to any artistic pursuit, and to the artistic pursuit that is ‘daily life.’ The first time I read it, I had an awakening. I recognized «the error of my ways.» I had been behaving and conducting myself without rationality or reason, and I immediately took it upon myself to change. And I have been on that line since.

Parents should keep in mind that their children do not know any thing about philosophy or theory. They are very practical and would choose learning everything through practice. Hence it is advisable to allow them to learn everything in their own style not according to your style.

Dreaming seems to be taboo. Napoleon Hill in his teaching philosophy book Think and Grow Rich says that if the mind can conceive it the body can achieve it. Unfortunately we are so engrossed in ourselves that we cease to dream, plan and achieve. Successful people dare to dream, to plan, to act, to fail and to achieve. Failure is feared when in reality it is nothing more than a check point to success. It has been said, many times, you’re a failure if you quit and you’re a success when you fail and you don’t quit.

The System. When buying into a franchise, you are buying into a proven system. It works, and that is why said company has started offering a franchise opportunity. If the system or the concept didn’t work, it would not be around to multiply itself. There are formulas for how to start, formulas for when things don’t go so well, formulas for how to handle success, and everything in between. If you were to start a small business on your own, there would be no system, just you and your ideas. With franchising, you’re capitalizing on the brainpower of a network of very smart people so you don’t have to trust yourself with every last decision.

What Is Your Teaching philosophy? One of the key queries for advisers is usually based around your teaching philosophy. What method of instruction do you favor? Administrators will invariably ask some variation of this essential speculations. Just focus on what you think works for students. This depends on the level of school you intend to teach. Do you feel younger students should be free to roam and develop on their own with lots of open time? Or do they need a guiding hand that structures their development?

Sir Francis Bacon wrote Knowledge is power. With knowledge, we have choices. We can choose to let go of philosophy definition fear doubt and the choice to fail. Yes, failure is a choice and a subtle choice.

Start looking for the right person or people to add to your team. Since you work from your home, the obvious answer is to outsource. For bookkeeping, you may need to search no further than your local Yellow Pages for a bookkeeping service. If you don’t have a CPA, it’s a good idea to get one. Most of them have someone on staff who will handle the bookkeeping, while they help you stay on the right track with your taxes and financial statements.

The list goes on and on. Bottom line – take the focus off of the flawless execution of your sales missions and focus on the flawless preparation that will eventually lead to flawless (or near flawless) execution.

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